Dress Code

Leeds Golf Club has a strict dress code which must be adhered to when in the club house or out on the course.

On the Course

Golf shoes with either metal or soft spikes MUST be worn on the course and practice areas.

Shirts must have a collar, mock turtle neck or roll neck, and MUST be tucked in at the waist. Shirts designed to be worn outside of trousers are permitted.

Shorts may be worn providing that they are properly tailored shorts (NOT of a type accepted on the beach), and they are no more than a couple of inches above the knee. Short socks may be worn provided that they are WHITE in colour.

NO training shoes or any similar shoes that do not have spikes, either metal or softspike. Jeans of any colour or trousers with an appearance of jeans e.g. with patch/side pockets and/or metal studs are NOT permitted. Denim or leather clothing or replica shirts i.e. football or rugby club are also NOT permitted.

Members and Visitors must set mobiles to silent and no voice calls are to be received or made. The only exception is in the case of emergency for illness or injury.

All the above applies to players of all ages and caddies alike.


New Dress Code Regulations, we seek to promote a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which members and guests can enjoy the Clubhouse facilities.

The Club Council reminds everyone that a reasonable standard of dress is required but to acknowledge these changing times and to move the club forward the Council have agreed the following for a trail period over the winter months.

When attending the club socially, smart denim jeans (no holes or bleach) may now be worn in the clubhouse. For all other events i.e club matches, formal dinners etc a smart casual dress (no jeans) will be required unless otherwise stated.

All shirts should still have a collar and sports shirts should be tucked in at the waist.

The following items of dress are not acceptable in the clubhouse.
* Trainers
* Golf shoes, even with soft spikes
* Caps / hats unless for religious purposes
* Studded leather clothing.

Parents should encourage their children to follow these regulations .

Note: These changes are for the Clubhouse only and the dress code for the course remains unchanged.
For more details call us on: 0113 265 9203